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Sep 22, 2012 7:00am PDT
the change. 4.4% is the lead that former virginia governor tim kaine holds over fellow former virginia governor republican george allen. yes. that's one. it is the state's senate race, according to real clear politics polling average. now, 2.6 points is the margin by which democratic challenger elizabeth warren currently leads incumbent republican senator scott brown in the years most talked about cincinnati race. also the 2.6 points nevada republican dean heller leads democrat shelley berkeley in nevada's senate race. the numbers are largely trending towards d, 5.3 points. that's how far back republican todd akin, he of the legitimate rape comments, has fallen behind claire mccaskill. despite a deluge much spending from outside groups, 7.2% is the average deficit ohio republican josh mendel still faces in his fight to unseat democratic senator brown. so you may have noticed that a number of these races involve women. well, 18 candidates for the cincinnati, that's 12 democratic women running either to retain or gain a seat along the six republicans. 163 women candidates for the house.
Sep 15, 2012 7:00am PDT
holding the yellow gumballs, ohio, virginia and florida. in both florida and virginia, president obama leads romney by five points among voters. 49% to 44%. in ohio, the president leads by seven points, 52-43. if the election were held today and they voted the way the polls predicted, the total electoral votes president obama would win from those three states, florida, ohio, and virginia, that would equal 60 more electoral votes. that is almost double the 33 votes he needs to win. a win in any of the other would just be icing on the president's victory cake. of course, the election is not being held today. there are more than seven weeks to go and three debates before the elections. the polls also reveal that most people have already made up their minds about how they are going to vote. numbers are not looking good for mitt romney. neither is the news. governor romney has spent the election trying to convince us that his background as a businessman uniquely qualifies him for the job of executive and chief in charge of our nation and its aisliling economy. executive and chief is only pa
Sep 8, 2012 7:00am PDT
drove six hours each way between new york city and virginia bringing her two children to see their incarcerated father. liz learned firsthand how a prison sentence involves more than just the prisoner. when she joined the osborne foundation, the organization had two employees. they served 50 prison inmates a year. 28 years later, osborne has 200 employees and works with 7,000 prisoners and family members a year. fresh start draws participants in with culinary training but also offers computer literacy classes, job readiness and life skills. inmates take part in their communities, cooking and serving holiday meals. once an inmate has completed the program and left rikers island, fresh start offers job and school placement assistance. wondering if it works? since its inception, 1,500 men have completed fresh start. the "new york times" reports that of the inmates who take part in the program, 90% do not return to jail within the year. cost to the city? $5,000 per participant. many people come together to make fresh start possible, but liz gains is the program life blood and dri
Sep 29, 2012 7:00am PDT
carolina, colorado and virginia. now, if you have been following along with our updates this week in voter suppression, you already know that all five of those states are among those whose primarily republican led legislatures introduced bills restricting access to voting since 2011. if those laws are so restrictive, how could these cases that look like fraud slip through the cracks? here is the explanation, because none of those laws were designed to stop the kind of fraud that is happening in florida. not voter i.d. laws or reducing early voting or proof of citizenship laws or creating barriers to restoring rights to ex-felons, not even the voter registration law that are aimed at making voting more difficult, not less fraudulent. in addition to existing a problem where no problem exists, they completely ignore a problem where there may be one. >>> in pennsylvania, they were creating a problem where there wasn't one before. this is a list given to us by philadelphia based watchdog group, the committee of seventy. it is a timeline of all the changes made to pennsylvania's voter i.d. law s
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)